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Why Amazon wants to harness Austin's 'hippie power': Inside the proposed Whole Foods buyout

If Amazon.com's buyout of Whole Foods goes through, the world's most influential and modern retailer will come face-to-face with Austin weird. Dive into the monumental deal with details about how it will affect the grocer's hometown as well as the retail and technology sectors at large.

Capital Gains: CodeNEXT goes door-to-door; Gene Simmons' trademark gesture

Austin group plans to start "grassroots" conversations on land use; UT-Austin President Greg Fenves goes to bat for "Hook 'Em;" Vince Young will have to stick with real estate, steak.

Global executive search firm opens Austin office, hires additional local partner

Executives hope the Austin office will end local tech companies' historic practice of hiring executive-search firms in California or Dallas and turn to them instead.

Amazon started prepping for major expansion of checkout-free grocery stores ahead of Whole Foods bid

Amazon.com Inc. has posted a slew of job openings in recent months to develop and expand its checkout-free technology. If it completes the proposed $13.7 billion acquisition of Austin-based Whole Foods Market Inc., the Seattle e-commerce giant will have 465 grocery stores in the U.S., U.K. and Canada to test out the new technology. Amazon said in a statement it has no plans to use Amazon Go technology to automate cashier jobs at Whole Foods and doesn't intend to lay off any employees as part of…

Letter from the editor: Someone — anyone — please make this app to help Austin drivers

As we scrutinize solutions to our traffic problems, the usual suspects are put in the spotlight — road and rail planners and increasingly developers who build all this stuff along transit routes. I’d like the attention to shift more to the bright minds in our tech sector. My hope: As we debate ourselves to death about roads, rail, sidewalks and zoning changes the tech sector is going to deliver a game-changer out of left field. Like the smartphone. I don’t think it’s Uber — at least not…

Austin securities broker fined, reprimanded over nondisclosure of IRS tax liens

An Austin securities broker has been fined and reprimanded by the Texas State Securities Board after he failed to disclose in a timely manner that he was encumbered by two federal tax liens while he worked as an agent with two different firms. According to the board's June 21 disciplinary order, Trevor Carney was notified by the Internal Revenue Service in September 2008 that the federal agency had filed a lien against him of $101,675, but did not notify the board when he applied to be an agent…

Austin approves electronic cigarette ban

Electronic cigarettes are now banned everywhere in Austin where old-fashioned, analog smoking is already prohibited. At its Thursday meeting, Austin City Council approved two measures that add "electronic smoking devices" to city laws that currently prohibit smoking indoors, in parks, in restaurants, bars and other establishments. Austin's smoking laws date back to 2005, when city voters approved a measure restricting smoking in public spaces. The approval of the e-cigarette ban follows the collapse…

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